Ireland has 98 species of bees, one of which is our Native Irish Honey Bee, known as Apis Mellifera Mellifera, (AMM).

Honeybees swarm typically from May to July in Ireland, but as beekeepers will tell you there‚Äôs nothing typical with bees!  So, you may see them at other times. You may also wonder is it a swarm of Honey bees? Or  just a nest of wasps or bumble bees?

To learn more about all the species of pollinators in Ireland and where you can send any sightings of unusual insects or creatures, check out Biodiversity Ireland's terrific website.

If you see a swarm in a cluster, hanging from a tree, bush, fence (such as in the photograph) it is most likely a honey bee swarm.  The bees have gorged on honey and left the hive with their queen, so they are not interested in you at this time!   Immediately contact one of our local beekeepers in your area, listed below and they will come and remove the swarm for you - but only if the swarm is completely accessible. If a beekeeper is not available close to you don't worry, try the next nearest beekeeper on the list.  If you click on the telephone number you can make that call directly.

Hard to reach swarms in facia, roofing etc. can need extending ladders, cherry pickers or even scaffolding to get up to the bees, which will incur a cost for both retrieving the bees and repairing any damage.  It is much harder to rehome a swarm if it has entered a chimney or int0 the attic or cavity of walls. Do not contact our beekeepers on the list below in this case, as they don't have the equipment or expertise to do such a removal. However, please do contact our member,  Tony Lyons  086 8515964 who can help if you are in doubt about swarms in buildings. also offer such a service nationwide

Below is a list of members who will assist with collecting swarms which are accessible to our beekeepers.

 Please contact your nearest beekeeper first. Click on the telephone number to make that call directly. It is most helpful if you can manage to take a photo of the swarm so that the beekeeper can assess the situation. Thank you


Colm Penston

087 2670987 

Alan Pierce

+353 (086) 669 5450 


Alan Pierce

Phone: 086 6695450


John Walsh

+353 (0)86 3619936

Bray   and surrounds

Kieron Hunt

086 1090315


Bryan Alexander 

please contact Bryan by WhatsApp with a photo of the swarm, thank you


Brittas Bay

Tony Lyons

Phone: 086 8515964



Bill Markham

Phone: 086 6837169


Bryan Alexander


Kilcoole, Newcastle, Newtown

Terry Meakin

085 1033924

Wicklow Town

Tony Lyons

086 8515964