Books are available to our members free of charge

We are very proud of our  Michael Giles Memorial Library.  These books represent a part of Michael Giles lifelong interest in beekeeping. It is a hugely beneficial resource to our association and we would encourage all members to make use of it, whether to browse the collection before a meeting or to take a book on loan. 

The books have come to us in amazing condition a we would ask anyone who borrows a book to look after it and return it in the condition they received it.  


We have been working on getting this library online so that members can browse the collection and see what titles are available. From June 1st 2022, you will now be able to browse by title and by category and if you see something of interest you will be able to reserve it. If you wish to reserve a book for collection we would ask that the reservation is made by 6.00pm of the day of our meetings. From September, the Heritage Room will be available to us at 7.30pm, directly before our meetings, and members will have an opportunity to peruse the books .This facility will be activated on 1st June, 2022 after which you will receive an email inviting you to log onto the library. Once you log on you will be able to browse the collection and reserve a title. The email will be sent to the email address that was given on your membership registration form. 

We don’t have too many rules for the library, however for it to work we would ask that members observe the following.

  • Please have your reservations in by 6.00pm of the evening of the monthly meeting.
  • Members will be able to browse the collection and take up to two titles on loan for the period up to our next meeting.
  • Members will be required to return books, in the condition they received them, to the library before the next monthly meeting.
  • Over the summer months books may be borrowed and returned on the last Wednesday of the month or by arrangement with the Librarian.

ABKA Librarian.

If using a mobile device, turn it sideways to view the book list.

Ashford & District Beekeeper's Association

  Michael Giles memorial Library

List of books

        SI                               Title                                                                                           Authors

1                         Anatomy of the Honey Bee                                                                   Snodgrass, R E
2                        Beekeeping Study Notes                                                                        Yates, JD & BD
3                        Beekeeping Study Notes - Copy2                                                         Yates, JD & BD
4                       At the hive entrance                                                                                 Storch, H
5                       Guide to Bees and Honey                                                                       Hooper, Ted
6                       Honey Bee Ecology                                                                                  Seeley, TD
7                       Nudge Nudge Hint Hint                                                                          Yates, JD
8                       The Introduction of Queen Bees                                                           Snelgrove, L.E.
9                       Queen Rearing                                                                                          Snelgrove, L.E.
10                     Beekeeping in Ireland - A History                                                       Watson, J.K.
11                      Biology of the Honey Bee                                                                      Winston, Mark L.
12                     A practical Manual of Beekeeping                                                        Cramp, David
13                     Beekeeping Study notes Modules 1,2,3,4                                            Yates, JD BD
14                     Beekeeping Study notes Modules 5,6.7.8                                            Yates, JD BD
15                    Alexanders writings on practical bee culutre                                       Root, J.J.
16                    Beekeepers handbook or 22 years experience in queen rearing      Allen, Henry
17                     A world without bees                                                                                Benjamin,A& McCallum, B
18                    Microscopy for Beekeepers                                                                      Maurer, B
19                    The Beekeepers Lament                                                                           Nordhaus, N
20                    Communication among social bees                                                       Lindauer, M
21                    Killer bees                                                                                                    Winston, M. L .
22                   Africanized Honey Bees                                                                            Caron, Dewey
23                   Great masters of Beekeeping                                                                    Brown, Ron
24                   The hive and the honey bee                                                                      Langstroth, L
25                   Robbing the Bees                                                                                        Bishop, Holly
26                   A year in the Bee Yard                                                                               Morse, Roger
27                   Control of Veroa                                                                                          Goodwin, M & Taylor, M
28                   Elimination of American foul disease without drugs                          Goodwin, M
29                  Verroa Still a problem in 21st Century                                                    IBRA
30                  Social Wasps                                                                                                 Edwards, R
31                   Hive and the Honey Bee                                                                             Dadant Publication
32                  Beekeeping practical study notes                                                              Yates, JD BD
33                  Beekeeping for all                                                                                        Warre, Abbe
34                  The Asian Hornet                                                                                         Martin, Prof S
35                  Beekeeping - a seasonal guide                                                                   Brown, Ron
36                  Pollen Identification for Beekeepers                                                        Sawyer, Rex
37                  Bumblebees of Ireland and Great Britan                                                 Edwards,M & Jenner,M
38                 Breeding super bees                                                                                     Taber, S
39                  Scientific Queen rearing                                                                              Doolittle, G M
40                 Queen rearing Essentials                                                                              Connor, L J
41                 Bee Sex Essentials                                                                                          Connor, L J
42                 Increase Essentials                                                                                        Connor, L J
43                 Beekeepers guide to Beekeeping in Kenya                                                Carroll, T
44                 History of Beekeeping in Britain                                                                 Fraser, H
45                 Beekeeping in Turkey                                                                                    Kayral, G
46                 Practical Queen Rearing                                                                               Dublon, C & P
47                 Beekeeping in South Africa                                                                          Anderson,Buys & Johannsmeier
48                 The State of Ireland's Bees
49                 Steve Taber on Beekeeping Vol 2                                                                Steve Taber
50                 Keeping healthy Honeybees                                                                         Daston & Bucknall
51                 Reprinted papers on Bee Husbandry                                                          RDS
52                 Beekeeping with Apis Cerana Indica                                                          Jensen, M
53                Apis through the looking glass                                                                      Royle, Graham NDB
54                Beekeeping tips and topics                                                                            Jaycox, Elbert R
55                The Rock Art of Honey Hunters                                                                   Crane, Eva
56                Dictionary of useful and everyday plants and common names             Cambridge Univ Press
57                A colour Guide to pollen loads of the honey bee                                       Kirk, William
58               Mead. Making, Exhibiting and Judging                                                      Riches, Harry
59               The Beekeepers Pupil                                                                                      George, Sara
60              The Pollen loads of the honey bee                                                                 Hodges, Dorothy
61               Aspects of sociality of insects                                                                         Carreck, Normal L & Johnson, T W
62               Beeswax 2nd Edition                                                                                       Brown, Ron
63              The Beekeepers Guide                                                                                     Herrod Hempsal, W l
64              Queen Bee Biology, rearing and breeding                                                   Woodward, David
65              Honey bee, Biology and Beekeeping                                                             Caron, Dewey M
66              The complete keadmaker                                                                                Schramm, Ken
67              Honey Bees of Borneo                                                                                     Koeniger,N , Koeniger,G & Tingek,S
68              The Dancing Bees                                                                                             Von Frisch, Karl
69              Following the Bloom, Across America with Migratory Bee                     Whynott, Douglas
70              Medical Aspects of Beekeeping                                                                     Riches, Harry
71               Ex Africa                                                                                                             Brown, Ron
72              Honey bees. A guide to management                                                            Brown, Ron
73              Reflections on Beekeeping                                                                               Robson, W S
74              The Beehouse Book                                                                                           Mann, Paul
75              Queen breeding and genetics. How to get better bees                              Holm, Eigil
76              Pollen, The hidden sexuality of flowers                                                       Kesseler,R & Harley,
77              Beekeeping Study notes for Basic, Beemaster, Premlinary.                     Yates, JD & Yeats, BD
78             Understanding Bee Anatomy                                                                          Stell, Iam
79             Breeding Techniques and selection for Breeding of honeybee                 Ruttner, F
80            The Beekeepers Problem Solver                                                                      Tew, J E
81             Bees of the World                                                                                               O'Toole,C & Raw,A
82             Plants and Beekeeping                                                                                     Howes, F N
83             Honeybee Democracy                                                                                       Seeley,T D
84             Observation Hives                                                                                             Webster,T & Caron,D
85             Honeybee disease indentification cards                                                       Carreck, Norman
86             The Folk Art of Slovenian Hive Fronts                                                          Jones, Richard
87             Microscopy for Beekeepers
88             Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 55 No 5                                               Taylor & Francis
89             All Ireland Pollination Plan
90            Form and Function of the Honey Bee                                                            Goodman, Lesley
91            The Dance, Language and Orientation of Bees                                             Von Frisch, Karl
92            ABC of Bee Culture                                                                                             Root, A
93            Bee Fisher                                                                                                            Rose-Lynn
94            Beekeeping.                                                                                                         Eckert and Shaw
95             An Holistic way in saving the honeybee                                                       Harding, John
96             A years work in an out-Apiary                                                                        Doolittle, G M
97             Bee Scientist 1912- 2007                                                                                  Eva Crane
98             Beeswax and Propolis for pleasure and Profit                                            Munn, Pamila
99             Breeeding the honeybee                                                                                  Brother Adam
100           Beekeeping a practical Guide                                                                         Patterson, Roger
101            The Red Mason Bee                                                                                          O'Toole, C
102            The Bee master of Warrilow                                                                         Tickner Edwardes Price, B
103            Why do Bees Buzz                                                                                           Capaldi Evans, E & Butler, C A
104            Befriending Bumblebees                                                                               Evans, E; Burns, Ian & Spivak, Marla
105            Honey by the ton                                                                                             Field, Oliver
106            Honey and Dust                                                                                               Moore Ede, Piers
107            The Beekeepers Field Guide                                                                          Cramp, David
108            Breeding better bees                                                                                      Dews, J E & Millner, E
109            Understanding and using the Stereomicropscope                                   Woolnough, Lewis
110             Pollen, its collection and preperation for the Microscope                     White, John
111              Pollen Microscopy                                                                                          Chapman, Norman
112              Beekeeping in Tasmania
113              Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey                                                                     Brother Adam
114              Brother Adam, in search of the best strains of bees                                Brother Adam
115              Pheromones of social Bees                                                                            Free, John B
116              Beekeeping and conserving biodiversity of honeybees
117              The Observation Hive                                                                                   Showler, Karl
118              Some important operations in Bee Management                                    Johansson, TSK and MP
119              Profitable Honey Production                                                                      Teagasc
120             Bees, Their vision, Chemical senses and language                                Von Frisch, Karl
121              Anatomy and Dissection of the HoneyBee                                              Dade, H A
122             Beekeeping Study notes for basic and intermediate FIBKA                  Yates, JD & Yeats, BD
123             The Honey Bee Inside out                                                                            Davis, Celia F
124             The Honey Bee Around and about                                                              Davis, Celia F
125             The Buzz about Bees Biology of a superorganism                                    Tautz, Jurgan
126             Bee Genetics and Breeding                                                                            Rinderer, T E
127             The Beekeepers Handbook 4th                                                                    Ed Sammatyaro, D & Avitabile, A
128             Parasites of the Honeybee
129             Foul brood disease of honeybees, recognition and control                    DEFRA
130             Beekeeping Study notes Microscopy cert. 2nd edition                           Yates, JD & BD
131              Some alternative pathways for the hesitant queen rearer                      Harden, Ben
132             Queen Breeding for Amateurs                                                                     Abbott, G P
133              Steve Taber on Beekeeping Volume 2                                                        Taber, S
134              Apiary Guides Bee Craft
135              Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 54 No 1                                            Taylor & Francis
136              Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 54 No 2                                           Taylor & Francis
137              Having Healthy Honeybees                                                                          Mc Mullan, J
138             Microscopy on a shoestring for beekeepers and naturalists                   Meyer, Owen
139              Parasites of the Honeybee
140              Swarming. Its control and Prevention                                                        Snelgrove, L.E.
141               Beekeeping for beginners                                                                              Kigathra, K I
142              Verroa addendum & Index for Beekeeping study notes 2nd                  Ed Yates, JD & BD
143             The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping                                               Morse, Roger & Hooper, Ted
144              A journal of Apicultural Research Vol 54 No 3                                         Taylor and Francis
145              A journal of Apicultural Research Vol 54 No 4                                         Taylor and Francis
146              A journal of Apicultural Research Vol 54 No 5                                         Taylor and Francis
147              A journal of Apicultural Research Vol 55 No. 1                                         Taylor and Francis
148             Honey Bee Swarms                                                                                          Brown, Ron
149             Look Listen and Learn at the hive                                                                Brown, Ron
150             Beautiful Queens and Honey Too                                                                 Field, Brierley
151              Field notes on Queen Rearing                                                                       Field, Oliver
152             Queen rearing Simplified                                                                                Cook, Vince
153             A simple two queen system                                                                             Brown, Ron
154             Varroa Mesh Floors DIY Plans x 2 copies
155              An introduction to Bee Houses                                                                     Bates, David
156             The Verroa mite in honeybees                                                                       Teagsc
157             The Morris board method of Queen Rearing                                              Badger, Michael
158             How to keep bees without finding the Queen                                            Mann, Paul
159             The Biology of stingless bees                                                                         Velthuis, H W
160             The Social organisation of honeybees                                                          Free, John B
161              Raise your own Queens                                                                                  Smailes, Richard
162             Bee Breeding and Queen rearing                                                                  Bibba publication
163             Honey Bee Swarms                                                                                          Brown, Ron
164             The dark european honey bee                                                                        Ruttner, Milner and Dews
165             Beeswax, production, harvesting, processing and products                    Coggshall,W & Morse, R A
166             Microscopy, First steps into a secret world
167              Honey Farmer at large                                                                                    Field, Oliver
168             The Bee man of County Clare                                                                  Turlough Butler O'Bryen Watson, James K
169             Pollen, its collection and preperation for the Microscope                       White, John
170            The "bad" Beekeepers Club                                                                             Turnbull, Bill
171             Confessions of a "Bad" Beekeeper                                                                 Turnbull, Bill
172            The New Varroa handbook x 2 copies                                                          Mobus,B & de Bruyn, Clive
173            Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 47 No 1                                                IBRA
174            Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 47 No 2                                                IBRA
175            Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 47 No 3                                                IBRA
176            Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 47 No 4                                                IBRA
177            Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 48 No 1                                                IBRA
178            Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 48 No 2                                                IBRA
179            Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 48 No 3                                                IBRA
180           Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 48 No 4                                                IBRA
181            Journal of Apicultural Research vol 49 No 1                                                 IBRA
182           Journal of Apicultural Research vol 55 No 2                                                 IBRA
183           Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 55 No 3                                                IBRA
184          Journal of Apicultural Research Vol 55 no 4                                                  IBRA
185           A simple guide to the uses of a snelgrove board                                           Shaw, Wally
186           Survey of a thousand years of beekeeping in Russia                                   Galton, Dorothy
187           Mating biology of honey bees                                                                           Koeniger, Ellis, Connor
188           Advice for Beekeepers
189           Recycling and working beeswax with simplicity                                          Berry, Jack
190           Managing Mininucs Honeymoon flats for Honeybee Queens                   Brown, Ron
191            Microscopy, First steps into a secret world
192            Pollen, its collection and preperation for the Microscope                         John White
193            Oilseed Rape and Bees                                                                                      Calder, Allan
194            The New Varroa handbook x 2 copies                                                           Mobus,B & de Bruyn, Clive
195            An introduction to Bee Houses                                                                       Bates, David
196            Pollen, its collection and preperation for the Microscope                        White, John
197             A simple two queen system                                                                            Brown, Ron
198            Varroa Mesh Floors DIY Plans x 2 copies
199             Reprinted papers on Bee Husbandry RDS
200            Look Listen and Learn at the hive                                                                 Brown, Ron